SDICVC-invested company Higo Automobile officially settled in Gu'an headquarters and released several smart driving control products
On June 8th, 2018, SDIC Venture Capital-Invested enterprise, Gu’an Higo Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd. officially entered its headquarters in Gu'an. During the ceremony, Higo demonstrated to the industry the world-leading level auto-driving calculation and domain control units, as well as smart wire-controlled expansion units. At the same time, it also released low-cost automatic road sweeper product with completely independent intellectual property right, Higo Wise Swpeer B18. This marks a new stage in the development of Higo, which will empower vehicle companies and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the intelligent network-linked automotive field through sharing its core technology. 
This time,the high-performance calculation and domain control unit WiseADCU series products released by Higo is its core product line. Among them, WiseADCU M6 can provide nearly 3 times computing power comparing to the current mass-production intelligent computing platform for vehicle manufacturers. The whole series  of products currently integrates 4G LTE and GNSS positioning modules, which enables network communication, high-precision RTK positioning, as well as the adaption for future 5G upgrades(或者是It also can be adapted for future 5G upgrades. At the beginning of the design, the product has reserved the liquid cooling system , which can provide a healthy thermal management within the compact interior space of the vehicle , contribute to a solid foundation for the full-scale and rapid production deployment for the entire industry. At present, there is no similar auto-driving calculating and control unit domestic. Higo has started the “new era” of the design and manufacture of automatic driving computing units in China. 
In the domestic market, rapid prototype development of controllers, such as vehicle controller unit(VCU), hybrid controller unit(HCU), and thermal management system(TMS), is a challenge faced by vehicle manufacturers. The independent-developed, mass-produced, smart drive-by-wire extension unit of Higo, WiselEU GE1, can quickly develop the prototype controller and management system aforementioned.The junction temperature of its latest NXP processors carriedcan reach up to 165°C with a safety level up to ASIL.-D. After the professional hardware mass production design, the overall reliability is extremely high. While satisfying the vehicle company to adapt to any vendor's controller hardware, it can also meet the user's diverse controlling needs. Through WiseIEU GE1, vehicle companies can quickly copy the successful development experience of past models to new models and new products, achieving development goals with both efficiency and high quality .
The person in charge of SDICVC stated that as an innovative company focusing on the R&D and application of smart driving calculation and control units, although the company established less than one year, it has already released several core products, which highlights the company’s accumulative R&D strength in this field. The company plays a significant supporting role in accelerating the formation of the independent innovation system of smart networked car in China and implementing the national strategy of the independent IP network-linked automobile industrial chain as well as smart transportation system.

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Higo Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd is a newly-rising enterprise of intelligent connected vehicles, engaging in the R&D and promotion of intelligent drive system. The company is derived from the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Simulation and Control, College of Automotive Engineering, Jilin University, whose key technical team has been working in driver simulation and advanced chassis system for more than 20 years.The team used to undertake over 10 national and provincial projects including National Key Research and Development Program of Ministry of Science and Technology, Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation, and Key Project of Automobile Development of the 863 Program. Besides, the team has engaged in dozens of enterprise projects of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers, acquiring rich scientific achievements and industry experience. In December 2017, SDIC Venture Capital completed the investment in Higo with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fund. SDICVC will actively promote deep cooperation between Higo Auto and more other automakers, for the sake of accelerating the speed to become a leading product and service provider of smart-car computing and domain control unit both in domestic and international market , finally creating a "brain" for localized R&D independent and controllable smart car.