SDIC Venture Capital Continues Leading the Series B round of Cambricon to Boost the Field of Artificial Intelligence Chips
Recently, SDICVC-Invested Company, Beijing Zhongke Cambricon Technologies Co., Ltd. announced the completion of Series B round financing. SDIC Venture Capital, as the Cambricon’s A-round lead investor, jointly led by China's State Owned Capital Venture Capital Fund, China Reform Tus Fund, China Reform Capital Corporation, joined by CICC Capital, CITIC Securities Investment & Goldstone Investment, TCL Capital,  the Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fund of CAS and the original shareholders, including Oriza Seed, CAS Investment, Alibaba Ventures, Lenovo Capital, Zhongke Turing (中科图灵) ,completed the new round of capital increase in the Cambricon. After the completion of this round of financing, the Cambricon valuation reaches 2.5 billion U.S. dollars and continues to be the leading position in the global smart chip startups.
Cambricon’s founding team derived from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company shares the latest technological achievements with its counterparts worldwide  in the form of processor IP authorization, and helps customers to quickly design and produce chips with artificial intelligence processing capabilities. At present, the Cambricon has two product lines, the terminal AI processor IP and the cloud-based high-performance AI chip, which actively promoting the creation of an "Terminal-Cloud Integration" ecosystem.
In the terminal area, the Cambricon shares the latest technological achievements with its counterparts in the world by processor IP authorization, and helps customers to quickly design and produce chips with artificial intelligence processing capabilities. The Cambricon-1A processor (Cambricon-1A) developed by the company is the world's first commercial deep learning processor, which enable millions of smartphones have higher access to intelligence.and it has already equipped tens of millions of smart phones with smart wings. Currently, Cambricon terminal processor IP products have derived multiple models such as 1A, 1H, 1M, and will provide powerful local intelligent processing capabilities for hundreds of millions of terminals worldwide. 
In the cloud, the Cambricon is committed to providing global customers with high-performance, low-power, cost-effective intelligent processing chips. The Cambricon MLU100 smart chip (Cambricon-MLU100) released in May 2018 is suitable for visual, speech, natural language processing and many other types of cloud-based artificial intelligence application scenarios. It not only can efficiently accomplish complicated intelligent processing tasks with capabilities of multi-tasking and multi-modality, low-latency and high-throughput, but can be  perfectly adapted to the Cambricon 1A/1H/1M series of terminal processors to provide an unprecedented smart application experience with terminal-cloud collaboration. 
As the first unicorn start-up company in the global AI chip field, the Cambricon began its academic research and led the deployment of artificial intelligence deep learning chips and applications. It quickly achieved world-renowned results in just a few years. 
The Cambricon-1A, released in 2016, is the world's first commercially available deep learning processor for smart phones, security surveillance, drones, wearable devices, smart driving and other types of terminal equipment. When running mainstream intelligent algorithms, the performance-to-power ratio surpasses that of traditional processors. After being measured on several key artificial intelligence applications, the Cambricon 1A achieved 25 times more performance and 50 times more energy efficiency than traditional quad-core general-purpose CPUs. After the launch of the chip, it received wide attention from the industry and was selected as the "World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements" selected by the Third World Internet Conference (Wuzhen Summit). 
In November 2017, the Cambricon released three new smart processor IP products, two high-performance machine learning processor chips "MLU100" and "MLU200", as well as an artificial intelligence software platform "Cambricon NeuWare" specially developed for developers. At the same time, it also announced the future roadmap - "occupying 1 billion smart AI terminal within 3 years, occupying one-third of the market share of China's cloud high-performance chip", which lay a solid foundation for the artificial intelligence processing of terminal-to-cloud integration. 
In May 2018, the Cambricon released the first cloud-based smart chip Cambricon MLU100 (and its circuit board products), and the third-generation IP product, Cambricon 1M in Shanghai. The MLU100 chip marks the Cambricon as China's first company (and also one of a few companies in the world) with both terminal and cloud-based smart processor products. Cambricon’s product strategy of " Terminal-Cloud Integration" is officially initiated. The "Terminal-Cloud Integration" strategy of "Terminal IP licensing+ Cloud smart chip + Instruction set" will push the company to  accelerate the speed of establishing downstream application ecosystem.
In August 2017, SDIC Ventures Capital, as the lead investor, together with Alibaba Ventures, Lenovo Capital, CAS Investment, completed the A-round investment for thr Cambricon. SDIC Ventures Capital always adheres to the principle of “Serving the country's innovation strategy and focusing on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements", continuous playing the leading role and investing in the two consecutive rounds in the Cambricon, which demonstrates the determination and philosophy of SDICVC to accompany the growth of independent innovation companies. SDICVC will continue to explore and cultivate a group of leading independent innovation companies represented by the Cambricon, contributing to accelerating the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies and building a strong world of science and technology.