The Party Branch of SDICVC organizes a visit to the SDIC Party Construction Exhibition


On the morning of July 6, 2018, the SDICVC Party Branch organized party members and employees to visit the special exhibition of the SDIC Party Construction held in SDIC Financial Building with the theme of “Stay true to the mission and struggle to move forward”.


In the form of illustrations and exhibitions, this special exhibition has concentrated on the party construction achievement since the party's 18th National Congress. The SDIC has resolutely safeguarded the authority and centralized the leadership of the Party Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core, and thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, as well as the new concept, new ideas, new strategies of the country governing. SDIC insists to comprehensively promote the work, strictly administer the party, meanwhile, takes the party construction to lead the development of the overall situation, obeys the service of the national strategy, and strives to meet the people's demand for a better life. In conjunction with the SDIC's five-year party construction report and the White Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility, SDICVC's cadres and employees have further strengthened their understanding of strengthening party leadership and continuing to strengthen the grassroots party organization. Everyone said that in the process of actively exploring the market-oriented fund investment business, the company must stay true to the mission and bear in mind the mission, thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist scientific and technological innovation with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress, and insist on "serving national innovation strategy, focusing on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements". The company will truly implement the party's leadership and strengthen the party's construction into the ideology and action, carry forward the glorious tradition of the state-owned party building, create a characteristic party building, and better serve the  high-quality development in the new era.