SDICVC-invested company, Lanzhuo, Releases China's First Industrial Operating System, supOS

On July 11, 2018, SDIC Venture Capital invested company-Zhejiang Lanzhuo Industrial Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. held a product launch conference in Ningbo, officially releasing the first industrial operating system with independent intellectual property rights in China, supOS v1.0. After the release of the supOS, various "smart industrial apps" and open ecosystems that have emerged on this operating system will completely change the way traditional industries operate, effectively helping manufacturing companies accelerate into the era of Industry 4.0. 

Lanzhuo Information is the first industrial Internet industrialization project led by Professor Chu Jian, the founder of Supcon Group, in Ningbo. It combines Industrial Internet Research Institute, industrial control security and control chip to form the overall layout in the industrial Internet field. Through the three functional systems-network, platform, and security constructed by system, the project team of Professor Chu Jian builds a new network infrastructure that fully interconnects people, machines and materials, forms an emerging format and application model of intelligent development, and supports the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries. 


Intelligentization is the core of Industry 4.0. During the intelligentizing process from Industry 3.0 to 4.0, the vast number of industrial enterprises are facing similar problems: information isolated islands; lack of top-level design; constructing multiple vertical applications; low customized level of MES software; the huge amounts of data from industrial company cannot really create core values for them. Based on a deep understanding of the pain points of industrial users, the Lanzhuo supOS industrial operating system was officially released. supOS is the first in the world to achieve "factory-level information integration" as the main goal, to enable manufacturing enterprises as the main goal. As a factory-level connector, supOS can interconnect all the equipment, various information systems, management software systems, automation systems and intelligent equipment to integrate and apply a large amount of data generated every day to achieve the goals of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, energy saving and emission reduction, efficient management and environmental protection. 


SupOS system is an industrial operating system interconnecting industrial big data integrating platform, industrial intelligent APP development platform, industrial big data analysis platform, industrial artificial intelligence engine service, industrial intelligent APP, etc. to construct the three-layer unified architecture covering cloud (cloud Internet platform), enterprise (factory Internet platform), and terminal (edge computing node). The system can realize the integration and control of management and control. More vividly, the supOS is like the intelligent brain of a digital industrial enterprise. Just like smartphones can download a variety of applications, supOS is equivalent to the Android system in the industrial field, users can download and combine different industrial apps according to their needs in the industrial “APP store”. 


Globally, giants in the field of industrial control systems have developed and launched their own platforms, such as GE's Predix, SIEMENS's MindSphere, ABB's ABB Ability, Honeywell's IIOT, etc., and the competitive landscape on the  international industrial Internet platform has formed. Tan Zhang, general manager of Lanzhuo, said that the company expects to build 10 “supOS” pilot demonstration projects this year and cooperates with 20 industrial software suppliers and system integrators. In the future, supOS will continue to optimize according to the needs of users to create the "soul" of national industry and strive to become an internationally competitive industrial Internet platform, industrial big data platform, industrial artificial intelligence platform, supporting Chinese industry from 3.0 to the era of 4.0. 


In May 2018, SDICVC signed a cooperation agreement with Ningbo and Haishu District Governments, the automation technology team led by Professor Chu Jian, and Veken Holding Group to jointly create a series of projects of the Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute. Driven by this round of investment, Lanzhuo has completed the development of supOS 1.0 and will officially be applied by enterprise users in the second half of 2018. It is expected to support manufacturing companies to enter the era of intelligence and become a major icon in the field of industrial Internet. SDIC Venture Capital will adhere to the orientation of “serving the national innovation strategy and focusing on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements”, continue to play the role of guidance, constantly explore and cultivate the rapid development of independent innovation enterprises, and contribute to accelerate the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and build a world science and technology power. 

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