SDICVC Launches National Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Investment Summit to Open a New Journey of Serving National Innovation Strategy

In the new era of development, how to better implement the important thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping on science and technology innovation, and how to “promote the innovation chain around the industrial chain, and promote the capital chain around the innovation chain" in accordance with the "three orientations"? Through a science and technology theme gala, gathering top scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, SDIC Venture Capital highlights the latest achievements of the company in promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements with market-based fund investment. 


On July 27th, SDIC Venture Capital held the National Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Investment Summit at SDIC Financial Building. With the theme of “Serving the National Innovation Strategy and Focusing on the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements”, it aims to further implement the national innovation-driven development strategy and gather social strength to promote the industrialization of key core technology achievements, as well as the high-quality economic and social development. 



Huang Wei, the deputy minister and member of the party group member of Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Huisheng, chairman and party secretary of SDIC, attended the summit and delivered their speeches. More than 300 people from the Ministry of Science and Technology, local governments, the two academies, scientific and technological departments of various provinces and cities, industry-leading companies, major financial institutions, start-ups, well-known investment institutions and media representatives attended the meeting. 



"We will strengthen cooperation with SDIC on independent innovation of key core technology, fund cooperation, application of scientific and technological achievements, development of science and technology service industry, etc., and jointly create SDIC as an innovative state-owned capital investment platform and gather more financial resources and social capital. In key breakthroughs and transformation of achievement, we will jointly expand investment scale, increase investment, and play a leading role in the investment in science and technology innovation," said Huang Wei, the deputy minister of Ministry of Science and Technology.



"As the largest investment company among the central enterprises, SDIC has explored an effective way to cultivate and develop emerging strategical industries with fund investment from the perspective of better serving the national strategy and exerting our unique strength. SDIC insists on using 'flexible hands' to overcome disadvantage for a better life, to guide the emerging industries, and constantly promote the high-quality development of the National Investment." Wang Huisheng, the chairman of SDIC said. 



During the summit, the Ministry of Science and Technology and SDIC held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. Huang Wei and Shi Hongxiang, deputy secretary of the SDIC, signed the cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation on jointly promoting independent innovation of core technologies in key areas, strengthening cooperation with guidance funds of national science and technology achievements transformation, promoting the application and demonstration of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and promoting the development of science and technology service industries.


This indicates that SDIC has become the first central enterprise to respond to the "Opinions on Further Promoting the Innovation and Development of Central Enterprises", which is jointly formulated and issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) in May, to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with MOST.



At the summit, representatives of 25 institutions jointly launched the “National Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Venture Ecological Community”. With the support of the MOST, the Community will actively create an open information sharing platform and a highly efficient cooperation platform for investment and financing services, strengthen synergy, and strive to achieve “one coordinated conversion” from technological breakthroughs and product manufacturing, to market models and industrial development. 


SDIC Venture Capital is a market-oriented investment company specially established by SDIC to better serve the national strategy and deepen cooperation with relevant departments of the Ministry of Science and Technology. SDICVC currently manages various market-oriented funds such as National Sci. & Tech. Fund, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Science Fund, High-tech Shenzhen Venture Capital Fund, and Ningbo Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund. These funds respectively focus on strategic areas such as the National Science and Technology Major Special Project and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development. They are funded by the central government and central enterprise capital, inciting the capital from the society to jointly invest into innovative and start-up enterprises focusing on the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. 


In the process of investment, SDICVC integrates innovative resources in a market-oriented manner, enhances the efficiency of scientific and technological achievements, continuously explores the significance of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in a market-oriented manner. With the bold practice through organically integrating national strategies and fund returns, effectively combining fiscal funds and social capital, and orderly balancing risk control and efficient decision-making, synergizing regional development and industrial layout, SDICVC has achieved a good start. A number of landmark projects such as Cambricon, 360 Enterprise Security, AMEC, PIOTECH, FORTUNE, Kede CNC, Microvast, ZEC, RC-Pharm, and Biocytogen, strongly responded the doubts from the public about the investment in scientific and technological achievements. Up to now, the proportion of SDICVC funds invested in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements has reached more than 90%. Through the two aspects of fundraising and investment, the central government's financial fund's amplification effect in the fund has reached 15 times. Valuation reports conducted by professional agency show that the fund's returns can fully meet or exceed the investor's return on earnings expectations. The practice of SDICVC proves that it is possible to achieve “good looking and delicious” by investing in scientific and technological achievements transformation projects. 



At the summit, Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chen Tianshi, CEO of Cambricon, Chu Jian, founder of Supcon, Wu Yunkun, President of 360 Enterprise Security, Du Guanhua, Vice President of the Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, etc, made their keynote speeches on the topic that the society is generally concerned, sharing the cutting-edge technological trends and industrial development concepts of artificial intelligence, big data, network security, integrated circuits, biomedicine and other industries. 



In the field of high-end manufacturing, how to effectively promote enterprise innovation through the transformation of scientific and technological achievements? The summit invited Fang Hanting, the deputy director of Science and Technology Daily and the founders of AMEC, Jinruihong Technologies, Dalian Gona, and Huihui Energy to conduct in-depth discussions on the theme of “High-end Manufacturing – How to Break Through Barricade”. 



How can China's innovative pharmaceutical companies effectively meet the needs of the people with good medicine that is also affordable both to the people and the government? The summit invited Bian Zhenjia, the former deputy director of State Food and Drug Administration, and the special researcher of the State Council Counselor, and the entrepreneurs from RC-Pharm, Biocytogen, KBP Biosciences and Huajian Pharma to have a lively discussion on the theme of “New Drug Innovation: Let the People Have Health and Good Medicine”.  



In the speech of the summit, Gao Aimin, the general manager of SDICVC, systematically introduced the SDICVC’s investment strategy from the four aspects of “initial intention and mission”, “strategy and layout”, “exploration and innovation” and “trust and ecology”, which summarized the “do's and don'ts”, continuous professionalization, and full-scale transformation of achievement, as well as the company's integration of innovative resources in a market-oriented manner, and the thinking and harvest of scientific and technological achievements transformation investment. He said that as a "fund national team", under the deepening cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology and the SDIC, and with the support of all parties, SDICVC will not forget the initial intention, bear in mind the mission, and give full play to the role of the market-oriented fund investment platform to attract more participates in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The company will constantly amplify the boosting effect of the fund, return the trust of all parties with practical actions, and make more contribution to the strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology.