We will establish information security in cyberspace, take the initiative in the development of cloud computing and big data industries, accelerate the progress of the global artificial intelligence industry, and grasp the core technologies in the new generation of internet and communications, so as to help our country achieve "overtaking" in the field of electronic information.


Focus: TABCIS - Tech, AI, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Security.

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ZSHIELD was founded by numerous senior technical elites in network data security from Silicon Valley. It is the first high-tech company in China specializing in cyberspace data security and risk management and control of big data services based on big data technologies of ‘perception’ ‘detection’ and ‘behavior’. 


The ZS-ISP intelligent security platform proposed by ZSHIELD is an international leading data security working platform and management & control system based on lightweight virtualization, deep learning and big data analysis; the ZS-HIAP holographic auditing platform is an international leading business analysis and auditing system based on distributed computing, machine learning, sensor technology, big data storage and analysis; the ZS-ISA intelligent security probe system is a high-efficiency server and terminal monitoring and management tool. 


ZSHIELD provides multiple solutions for the government, finance, electric power and high-tech industries, which are now widely applied to key administrative departments and electric power, IC design, banking and insurance fields.    


ENMO Tech focuses on IT infrastructure library and data services, encourages the productization of IT services and the intelligentization of operation and maintenance, and provides integrated solutions of database services for many clients. Thanks to its businesses including consulting service of architecture, performance improvement, integration and migration, and monitoring and operation & maintenance, ENMO Tech has always been an industry leader in this market. Through strengthening user data security, improving user experience, decreasing the cost of IT operation & maintenance, ENMO Tech focuses on clients’ data assets, offering high-value solutions, supportive software and professional services revolving around business structure, data architecture, application architecture and IT infrastructure, thus to help clients to build and support a secure, constant, efficient and economical data environment and dig out great value hidden in data.      


With a top-ranking team of experts, ENMO Tech has been acknowledged by almost 300 clients from key industries in 6 years and its business pattern has been tested by practice, gaining nice public praise.


SKYGUARD is an information security enterprise oriented by the advanced content security technology with the mission of independent controlled security, and has constructed the largest R&D team based on content security in China. Focusing on growing new needs of enterprises for data security protection, staying in line with the regulations of Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China, SKYGUARD deeply analyzes the characteristics of our users’ practical use, customizes comprehensive solutions for enterprises’ data security covering network, terminals and cloud environment and helps users to effectively avoid data breaches and protect the security of key data assets.      


In 2017, SKYGUARD’s ITM solution based on behavior analysis and the ITP system exclusively realized intelligent fusion of content-based security engine and user-behavior-analyzing engine worldwide, leading the trend of new data security technology.


Founded in January 2012, Suzhou INVO Automotive Electronics Co.,LTD is committed to the R&D and sales of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). Based on self-developed camera sensors, it has realized the bulk sales of panoramic display system and lane departure warning system (LDW) and so on, and become the leading company in domestic ADAS field.


Relying on the accumulated IDAS technology from automotive engineering department of Tsinghua University, Suzhou INVO has developed panoramic display with camera as sensor, lane departure warning and forward collision warning (FCW) solution answering industrial demand. The main customers include Guangzhou Automobile Group , Chang'an, Geely, Zotye, Dongfeng Nissan, Yutong Bus and King Long, and other famous passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers.


Songheng Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Songheng Network) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the design, R&D, operation and promotion of mobile Internet products subordinated to eastday.com. Its AI research institute boasts over 200 research staff and cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University on cutting-edge technologies including NLP, image recognition and big data analysis.


Based on technologies from independent research and development, Songheng Network improves the quality and efficiency of services and products effectively taking practical scenarios into consideration. The new-type news aggregation mobile new media mini.eastday.com served by Songheng Network effectively combining individualized recommended information with multiple needs of users, transcends the limit of traditional news media and provides professional services for clients through targeted advertisement marketing and other traffic monetization patterns, thus to scale apply technologies and products. 


Hangzhou Jimu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jimu Tech) is an innovative high-tech company specializing in artificial intelligence and key technologies of robots. The company is devoted to the R&D of autonomous driving technology and intelligent control technique and their applications in the fields of wheeled robots. Established in July 2016, Jimu Tech boasts a R&D team with rich industry experience and cutting-edge technical skills, whose key members are the top technical elites from Lenovo, Intel, CMU Robotics Institute etc., covering artificial intelligence, vehicle design, smart device, robots areas. Based on smart autonomous driving technology, Jimu Tech focuses on industrial wheeled robot, which can be widely applied to parking lots, storage and logistics. The first product of Jimu Tech is the parking robot with mechanical gripper, which is based on autonomous driving technology and has completed its design from mechanical structure, electronic engineering, software to algorithm. It is expected to make a test run and begin mass production in 2018. 


HYDATA is the leading company which focuses on the application of AI = and visual analysis to the big data field in China. Specializing in the AI and visual analysis technology and relying on computer graphics and data analysis algorithms, HYDATA explores the hidden commercial value of big data, endows users with smart decision-making capacity and helps users to improve efficiency and monetization in business scenarios.


HYDATA offers comprehensive enterprise-class operating and analyzing services of big data. Its major product is the TUEASY big data analysis platform, covering public security, intelligent transportation, military and civilian integration, smart city, intelligent business management, providing integrated big data analysis services. Its services and products have been applied and acknowledged by strategic clients from the public security and aviation industries. HYDATA was named one of Cool Vendors 2017 by Gartner. It is a big data application company with proprietary technology.   


Gu’an Higo Automobile Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Higo Automobile) is a newly-rising enterprise of intelligent connected vehicles, engaging in the R&D and promotion of intelligent drive system. Established in 2017, Higo Automobile is derived from the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Simulation and Control, College of Automotive Engineering, Jilin University, whose key technical team has been working in driver simulation and advanced chassis system for more than 20 years and used to undertake over 10 national and provincial projects including National Key Research and Development Program of Ministry of Science and Technology, Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation, and Key Project of Automobile Development of the 863 Program; and has engaged in dozens of enterprise projects of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers, acquiring rich scientific achievements and industry experience.       


As an entrepreneurship pioneer of College of Automotive Engineering of Jilin University in the field of intelligent connected vehicles, relying on profound technology accumulation, broad vision and rich industry resources, Higo Automobile has built close partnerships with numerous domestic auto factories covering FAW, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Chang’an Automobile, Chery Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile and Beijing Automotive Group. 


In June 2017, SDIC Venture Capital completed the investing process in 360 Enterprise Security Group (hereinafter referred to as 360 Group) via its National Science and Technology Fund and other social capital driven by the dedicated fund. This investment project of 360 Group will greatly promote the achievement application of major national science and technology projects to the cyberspace security, and effectively support the growth of the enterprise into a leading enterprise in information security industry in China, as well maximize its influence in the world and jointly build a national information security moat.


360 Enterprise Security Group, the leading enterprise in China's cyber security industry, is committed to providing new generation network security products and services to government and enterprises. Its predecessor, Beijing Qihoo Technology Co., Ltd., has received more than 100 million yuan of scientific research funding including the National Science and Technology Major Project entitled "The New Generation Broadband Wireless Mobile Communication Network". Its major products and services include cloud security detection for websites and cloud service platforms, cloud security prevention technology and the "Wang Shen" intrusion prevention system, which all represent the most advanced technology development direction in the Internet era. 360 Group is the important leader and participant in the cyber security industry in China and even in the world.


Bangsun Technology is a provider of big data analysis supporting technology with complete intellectual property rights, and a leader of international real-time financial risk control & anti-fraud and big data applications. Established in 2010, it constructed an international leading technical team led by Academician Chen Chun of Zhejiang University and its ‘Real-Time Stream Big Data Analysis Technology and Platform’ won the First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Ministry of Education of China.   


Software products including real-time risk control, real-time credit extension, and real-time anti-crawler developed by Bangsun Technology based on real-time big data processing platform, Stream Cube, boast strong real-time processing ability, enjoying high application value in anti-fraud, anti-cheat, anti-crawler, anti-scalper, liquidity risk monitoring, small credit extension, targeted marketing, real-time criminal investigation, real-time decision-making and so on, acknowledged by numerous iconic clients. It has successfully been serving to hundreds of banks, securities traders, third-party payments, online finance, and boasts international leading major performance index. Meanwhile, the strong real-time processing ability of Stream Cube can fairly satisfy the needs of industries with great business flow and high concurrency and time-sensitive requirements, which can be widely applied to non-financial fields including aerospace, energy and power, rail transportation and military industry & anti-terrorism. 



The Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 21AT) was the first service provider of commercial remote sensing satellite operation and application in China, boasting the Beijing-1 and Beijing-2 small satellites and other branded applications well known at home and abroad. Established in 2001, with the tenet of ‘Act the leading role in professional domain; Attach importance to convergence’, the 21AT has developed multiple capabilities in applications of remote sensing satellites including scale production and processing, customized application software development, multi-technology fusion, large system integration and professional application services. It also initiated a long-term mechanism of regional governmental services, offering comprehensive solutions of integrated remote sensing information application for land resources management, ecological environment monitoring, resources investigation and statistics, sophisticated urban planning, and emergency response for disasters. The 21AT is now a leading enterprise in the industry of remote sensing satellite applications.


The 21AT sticks to independent research and development and closely cooperates with famous academies and R&D institutions in China. It has undertaken and successfully completed numerous major projects covering the 863 Program, Key Research Project of Ministry of Science and Technology and Special Industrialization Project of NDRC. Furthermore, its achievements have been repeatedly awarded by national and provincial scientific awards like the Gold Award of GIS, the Science & Technology Award of Land Resources Management, and Beijing Science and Technology Award; and it has acquired hundreds of proprietary intellectual property rights of key technologies. 


In August 2017, SDIC Venture Capital, as the lead investor joined by Ali, Lenovo, Guo Ke Rui Hua and other well-known investors, established the National Science and Technology Fund and completed its investment in Beijing Zhongke Cambricon Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cambricon"). Cambricon has become the world's first AI chip unicorn companies. More social capital investment driven by SDICVC's National Science and Technology Fund will hopefully promote Cambricon to become a leading AI company on a par with other international giants, build a new generation "China Chip" to promote the industrialization of China's artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.


Emerged from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cambricon is a high-tech company committed to the development of deep-learning-based ASIC. Cambricon aims to provide artificial intelligence acceleration chips for all kinds of servers, intelligent terminals and intelligent robots. Its products solve the pain points of large-scale data processing capability of artificial intelligence chips and will be applied to all kinds of intelligent terminals and servers in large scale. It is an important underlying support for Artificial intelligence technology. Cambricon has established a good cooperation with other leading enterprises upstream and downstream, and been broadly acknowledged by other companies, like Ali, Huawei, Sugon, etc.


Cambricon has two product lines to produce AI terminal processor IP and cloud high-performance AI chip. Released in 2016, the Cambricon-1A processor is the world's first commercially available deep learning processor targeted at a wide range of end devices such as smartphones, security surveillance, drones, wearable devices and smart driving. When running the mainstream smart algorithm, its performance per watt exceeds the traditional processor in all aspects. It is also selected as the "world leading Internet scientific and technological achievements" in The Third World Internet Conference in Wuzhen among other 15 outstanding products at home and abroad, including Ali’s Apsara Platform, Sunway TaihuLight, Huawei Kirin 960, Tesla, Microsoft HoloLens, IBM Watson. The company’s achievements have been widely reported by CCTV News, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CNN, MIT Technology Review and other domestic and foreign mainstream media. Currently, Cambricon terminal processor IP products have derived 1A, 1H and other models. In the next few years, hundreds of millions of terminal devices worldwide are expected to be integrated by the Cambricon processor to obtain a strong local smart processing capability.


QUADAS is the service provider of mobile marketing SaaS for advertisers, agents, traffic and other ecological parties, providing fast access to data and technology capabilities.


Established in September 2011, Quadas used to be the original advertising technical services division of Vpon Ads Company, and completed the spin-off from Vapon in 2016. The technologically innovative SaaS model of Quadas could meet the interests of advertisers, agents and flow parties through technical approach, serving the entire digital ecosystem to the best and cutting into the great market space. The company's platform architecture has undergone the test of a large number of traffic delivered by Vpon, accumulated huge mobile marketing data during the past 8 years, and finally obtained its core technology and data service capability. The major clients of Quadas include Cheetah Mobile, Allyes Ads, Viscovery, OMP, iProspect, Guangzhou Daily, Xiangxieli Advertising Media, Granville, Vpon and other traffic agents.


Changzhou ECTEK Automotive Electronic System Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ECTEK) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and production of automotive electronic control technologies. Established in 2005, originated from a startup project of Tsinghua University, the company maintains close contact with well-known academies like Tsinghua University and Jiangsu University in technological innovation, talent training and scientific research and development. There has already set up a cooperative pattern where ECTEK acts as a platform for industry-university-research transformation and academies provides technical support. ECTEK always leads the technology of power system and emission control, and masters key technologies through independent research and development. Moreover, it has completed the R&D and industrialization of product series including engine controller, dual-fuel engine, controller system and SCR system controller that satisfy National Level 4 emission standard; the vehicle controller for electric vehicles manufactured by ECTEK is capable for bulk supply. Meanwhile, ECTEK has undertaken numerous research tasks for international scientific cooperative and supporting projects as well as National Innovation Fund projects. ECTEK now boasts 19 national patents and 27 software copyrights.    


In virtue of its profound technology accumulation and industrialization experience for years, ECTEK has built good partnerships with major domestic fuel injection equipment factories, engine factories and original equipment manufacturers (OEM), whose products have been acknowledged and widely applied in many OEMs including FAW, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Fukuda, and CSR Corporation Limited. ECTEK is also a major supplier of control system products in ship, motor, engineering machinery and other special-type power industries. 


YOYOSYS is committed to the R&D of big data and cloud computing technology, developing CloudWare series big-data software with complete intellectual property rights. Based on this technology, the company forms the comprehensive solution suitable for many industries, covering data storage/access, data computing/analysis, and system operation & maintenance management, which makes the company becoming the leading supplier of cloud computing and big data technology.


Revolving around the product development idea of ‘independent and controlled key technology; open and inclusive architecture’, YOYOSYS has developed three big data processing products including YOYOSYS data flow control system, Yiyun data exchange platform and Yiyun big data platform, which are acknowledged as national key innovative products. The cloud computing and big data products independently developed by YOYOSYS are applied to the government, transportation, electric power and telecom industries, as well as undertake related tasks of Earth Observation and Navigation, offering great support for National Science and Technology Major Project.