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We are following the step of comprehensive management of ecological environment with green low-carbon direction. Based on domestic diversification of energy supply, we are developing high-quality investment projects in the field of clean energy, highly concerning about technology companies which have the industrial breakthroughs in the key links, continuing deeply exploring nuclear power and new energy automotive industry chain.


Focus: special project on nuclear power/ water / oil and gas, new energy automotive industry, energy innovation technology, new materials and new technology, energy saving and environmental protection field with high industrial difficulties.

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In September 2016, SDIC Ventures completed its investment into Zhongding Dairy Farming Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongding) with the High-tech Venture Capital Fund. Zhongding Dairy Farming is a joint-stock enterprise engaging in dairy farming and animal husbandry management. Since its establishment in May 2013, Zhongding has integrated nearly 100 pastures in China and signed 60,000 dairy cattle, making it the largest innovative dairy farmers cooperatives in China. In view of the existing pasture, Zhongding carries out the "integration of stock", outputs technology and management, and optimizes the allocation of resources. From raw material procurement, dairy farming, to the raw milk sales and management, Zhongding lays the integration platform of the industrial chain through the innovative way of "full custody".


In 2017, China-Israel Dairy Cooperation Program landed in Zhongding Dairy Farming. The China-Israel Dairy Technology Cooperation Industrial Park will be operated and managed by Zhongding. The company is devoted to integrating the upstream and downstream enterprises in the dairy industry chain with "stock+increment" and building a national demonstration project in which both countries will exchange international advanced technologies. As China-Israel Dairy Cooperation Program planed, in the next three years (2018-2020), China will introduce Israeli dairy industry production technology, management and social service system to create an international husbandry demonstration zone with 40,000 cow. Meanwhile, the two parts will construct China-Israel Dairy Technical Cooperation Service Center and TMR distribution center, integrated manure processing and organic fertilizer production center, overseas research and exchange center, cheese processing factory, start-up incubator and other construction project, and finally establish the China-Israel Dairy Technology Cooperation Industrial Park.


As a livestock management and technology export platform, Zhongding will contribute to the supply-side structural reform of China's upstream dairy industry.


In December 2017, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fund managed by SDIC Venture Capital successfully completed the investment in Beijing Honghui International Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Honghui Energy). Honghui Energy is China's best flywheel energy storage technology provider with independent intellectual property right. The Honghui Energy investment project from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fund is not only a concrete measure to implement the coordinated development strategy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and accelerate commercialization of research findings in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, but also a typical case to respond and promote the strategy of military and civilian integration.


Honghui Energy is a high-tech enterprise that integrates military and civilian, and applies space technology into civilian use. It brings together top experts in Aerospace, Power Electronics, Automatic Control and Energy in China, and has developed a series of cutting-edge, fully independent intellectual property-based flywheel energy storage technology and products. Honghui Energy's flywheel energy storage technology successfully broke the technical blockade long-established by the developed countries, which increases stabilization of the satellite attitude by 1-2 orders of magnitude and has a very important strategic significance to national defense.


On this basis, Honghui Energy has developed a flywheel energy storage product designed for industrial application. The product can be widely used in millisecond-level uninterruptible power supply for large data centers, telecommunications, integrated circuits and other high precision manufacturing. At the same time, flywheel batteries are expected to be applied to rail transit braking energy recovery, power's peak-load regulation, microgrid, civil air-defense projects, wind and solar energy storage, and other areas in large scale owing to its characters of eco-friendliness, efficient energy recovery, uninterrupted and long-life power supply and so on.


In April 2017, SDIC Venture Capital, joined by CDH Investments and other VC institutions, completed the investment in Microvast Power System (Huzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Microvast) with its National Science and Technology Fund. The SDICVC's major special funds involved in this investment plays a leading role to attract more investment, and help Microvast to innovate the technology, to promote its materials, to further expand production capacity, to consolidate the resources of the industrial chain, and to keep its leading position in technology as well.


One of the bottlenecks in the development of electric vehicles lies in the power battery. Battery performance is also one of issues concerned most by the users. As one of the few solution providers of vertically integrated electric vehicle power system, Microvast is fully considering user's need and proud to offer its innovative "fast-charge, long-life, non-burnable" lithium-ion battery. The product is taking the leading position both in technology and in the market coverage, and well received by the international well-known vehicle companies. With more than 6 years of commercial operation progressively carried out in more than 140 cities in 6 countries around the world, Microvast successfully injected the concept of "fast-charge" into the electric vehicle industry. Especially in the field of public transport, it has also set a milestone in operations including cities such as Chongqing, Beijing and London, and has gained user's extensive acceptance. Currently, there are 288 bus companies in China that have applied Microvast's solution.


In December 2017, National Science and Technology Fund managed by SDIC successfully worked with the State-owned Key Enterprises Poverty Regional Industrial Investment Fund to invest in Shenzhen Zhenhua E-CHEM Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zhenhua E-CHEM or the corporation). The fund will finance the construction of the new plant of Zhenhua E-CHEM in the poverty-stricken area in Guizhou. Owning to this round of investment, Zhenhua E-CHEM will acquire more resources for strategic development, leading the technological development of anode material for Lithium battery and gradually developing into a leading enterprise in its industry.


Anode material is the core material which determines the overall energy density of the Lithium battery. Zhenhua E-CHEM is a subordinate corporation of China Zhenhua Electronics Group Co., Ltd as well as a NEEQ-listed company. 12 years have passed since the company took up the research and development of anode material for Lithium batteries in 2005. Its core product single crystal ternary anode material turns out to be first-class in the whole industry and lead the trend of technology. Zhenhua E-CHEM won Guizhou's second prize for progress in science and technology in 2012 and in 2017 it received major special funds from Guizhou Science and Technology Department. In the field of power battery, Zhenhua E-CHEM is the main provider of ternary anode material to some first class domestic battery manufacturers like CATL. When it comes to consumption, its shipments account for one third of the anode materials for IPAD globally. Now, many renowned manufacturers put its anode material through a test. In the future, it's possible for the products of Zhenhua E-CHEM to access the supply system of Tesla, a well-known manufacturer of new energy vehicles.     


SDIC Venture Capital and SDIC Chuangyi Industry Fund Management invest in Zhenhua by resource synergy and in the way of investment linkage. It not only provides support for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerates the development of the corporation, contributes to the development of the new energy vehicle industry, but also works as a specific measure to implement the work plans arranged by the Communist Party and the State Council on poverty alleviation and development in this new era, advances regional poverty relief, gives play to government guidance and the leverage of fiscal funds and drives business capitals as well as social capitals to make contributions to the economic development of poverty-stricken areas. This time the cooperation fully demonstrates the synergy effect among SDIC funds and is another successful case of fund synergetic development.