Advanced Manufacturing

We are closely following the trend of the global semiconductor production capacity shift to China, China's manufacturing industry to the upper reaches, combined with "Made in China 2025", national science and technology major projects and related industries development plan, stepping up the entire industrial chain layout, effectively enhancing the national high-end equipment industry Overall design and manufacturing level.


Focus: semiconductor industry (equipment/design/complete technology/key components and materials/core technologies), additive manufacturing and laser technology, robotics and automation, CNC machine tools, aerospace, offshore and oil equipment, rail transit, intelligent hardware, etc.

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In June 2018, SDIC Venture Capital invested in Kede Numerical Control Corporation with National Science and Technology Fund, which will fully assist Kede CNC in the continuous development of core technology in the field of high-end CNC machine, and provide strong support to accelerate the localization of high-end CNC and to implement the strategic goal of “Made in China 2025”. 


Founded in 2008, the company's core five-axis linkage high-speed high-precision CNC machine tools are widely used in the processing of complex precision parts in aerospace, mold, automotive, marine, energy equipment and other fields. From 2012 to now, Kede CNC has undertaken national science and technology major projects “high-end CNC and basic manufacturing equipment”for six times. The company’s research achievements have covered the numerical control system, key components, complete machines and processes of high-end CNC. It has become the only company in the world that has mastered the core technology in the numerical control system and many key components, and has created the company's unique “full industry chain” technology layout and core competition. After years of in-depth cooperation with the upstream and downstream customers of the industry chain and practical application verification, the high-end CNC machine tools of Kede CNC have successfully broken the monopoly of foreign countries, and their products have helped our aerospace and military enterprises to get rid of the dependence on high-end foreign machine tools, and provided strong support to the transformation and upgrading of multiple industrial fields. 


The machine tool is an industrial machine that determines the overall manufacturing level of a country. Kede CNC has a group of high-end technical talents in the field of CNC machine tools. With the tenacious “artisan spirit” and independent innovation technology, the company is expected to change the reality of the low-end product surplus and the high-end dependence on imports in China, and actively build China’s own independent brand of high-end CNC. SDIC Venture Capital's strategic investment in Kede CNC will strongly encourage the enterprise to continuously increase R&D investment, and at the same time strive to open up the market and strive to build a internationally leading comprehensive solution provider of high-end CNC and intelligent production systems. 


In May 2018, SDIC Venture Capital invested in Jiangsu Changhong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. with National Science and Technology Fund, which will fully assist Changhong in consolidating its leading position in the automated vehicle production line and accelerate the implementation of strategic goals like “Made in China 2025” and "Industry 4.0". 


Changhong Intelligence is mainly engaged in the general contracting, complete plant design and related manufacturing, installation and debugging and robot integration of automotive coating, assembly, and welding automated production line systems. The company is responsible for the subject of the “Production line of environment-friendly and flexible coating for passenger car” in the special field of “High-end CNC Machine Tools and Basic Manufacturing Equipment” of the National Science and Technology Major Project. The company is also engaged into many scientific research projects, such as National Science and Technology Support Program, the national intelligent development project, the national industrial revitalization project, and Jiangsu Provincial key scientific and technological achievements transformation projects and other scientific research projects. The company is the only private company qualified as the A-level design qualifications in the automotive intelligent equipment industry, and it’s established a national-level enterprise technology center and Jiangsu Province Automobile Coating Technology Center. Changhong Intelligence has leading advantages in automated auto manufacturing core equipment and technology such as new body-spraying hybrid robots, flexible automatic conveyor system, overall production line control, dry spray environment control, energy-saving and environmental protection systems, and digital software technologies, etc. 


National Science and Technology Fund of SDIC Venture Capital will help the enterprises seize the opportunity provided by the historic era, during which the vehicle manufacturing equipment is quickly replaced by domestic equipment, further increase its R&D investment in advanced technologies such as automotive robots, flexible conveyor system, automated overall control, promote the company to continue to expand the influence in the industry, and quickly grow into a "China-made, world-class" leader in the automotive vehicle automation equipment industry. 


In February 2018, SDIC Venture Capital strategically invested in Beijing Robotleo Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd with Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fund to support the company to further maintain and strengthen its leading edge in solid-state ranging navigation technology. This round of financing funds will be mainly used to expand the production and R&D of new product line of distance measuring sensors.

Beijing Robotleo Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is an innovative enterprise focused on the research, production and application of computer vision technology. The company's main core research and development products are distance measuring sensors. At present, the technology of visual distance measuring module has matured, which makes the company one of the few that can provide solid state ranging modules and technical support in China. It has the core patent technology standing in the frontier home and abroad, which can be widely used in robot navigation and positioning, obstacle detection and avoidance, robot walking path planning, general simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), object scanning and three-dimensional reconstruction, logistics intelligent sorting and package volume measurement. As the essential core part of artificial intelligence products and in virtue of the rise of artificial intelligence products presented by robots, the visual distance measuring sensors will be widely used along with the development of the robot market. The company's current downstream customers include Panasonic, Midea, etc. The core ranging navigation module products have been delivered to customers in large quantities.

The strategic investment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fund into Robotleo will support the company to grasp the historic opportunity of the rapid development of the service robot industry and further promote the R&D investment in machine vision, SLAM navigation and positioning, intellisense, etc., and will promote Robotleo to expand its influence in the industry and help the company become a leading company in the field of robotic distance ranging navigation in China. 


In December 2017, SDIC Venture Capital finished its strategic investment in Shenzhen Nanolighting Lab Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Nanolighting) with its National Science and Technology Fund so as to support the enterprise further strengthening and reinforcing its technical leadership in the field of optic inspection in China and catching up with the world-leading technical level.


Shenzhen Nanolighting is the commitment unit of our National Key Research and Development Plan of “Exterior membrane structure three-dimensional optical tester”, as well as a leading enterprise which has developed its own advanced packaging and test equipment, three-dimensional optical measuring module and overall equipment and realized massive shipment. Now, the products of Shenzhen Nanolighting mainly cover the fields of semiconductor and 3D glass. The optic wafer test equipment used in semiconductor industry has developed Cypress, the three-dimensional topography measurement equipment and Spruce, the surface inspection equipment and Birch, the intelligent visual inspection system. Its products have been in stable operation for many years in various domestically leading wafer production and packaging manufacturers. Totora, the precise inspection system for 3D glass, has solved the problem of inefficient inspection of 3D glass and enters into cooperation with many renowned domestic manufacturers producing consumer electronics glass.


The strategic investment of National Science and Technology Fund in Shenzhen Nanolighting will help the company continuously increase its input in R&D, improve its technical strength rapidly and reduce the dependence of domestic wafer manufacturers and packaging manufacturers on competing products. The rapid development of Shenzhen Nanolighting will hopefully further improve domestic integrated circuit industry chain. While improving the overall technical level of its own industry, it will also cultivate professionals with independent research and development skills in the field of optic inspection equipment.


In December 2017, SDIC Venture Capital finished its strategic investment in Shandong Digihuman Technology Co., Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Digihuman) with its Hi-tech Venture Capital Fund. Digihuman has been supported by provincial science and technology major projects twice. It is in the leading position in the subdivided fields like medical anatomy education and medical morphology education. Its software and hardware system for digital anatomy teaching can effectively alleviate the problem of insufficient dissections and tissues in basic anatomy education and represents the trend of medical education in the future.


By cooperating with Army Medical University, the commitment unit of “China Digital Human Project” included in 863 Program, Digihuman managed to develop the first domestic digital anatomy teaching system based on real cross-sectional anatomy data. According to Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences, this system has reached the international advanced level and fills the domestic gap. Meanwhile, more detailed data on the structure of human body will hopefully enter the filed of digital health.


In November 2017, SDIC Venture Capital accomplished its investment in Hangzhou Li-On Microelectronics Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Li-On Microelectronics).


Li-On Microelectronics gives its priority to automotive electronic chips, power management IC chip and large silicon wafer for integrated circuit and also pays attention to the strategic layout of the 6-inch, second-generation semiconductor microwave radio frequency integrated circuit chips. Li-On Microelectronics has developed into a leading enterprise in the subdivided industries of power semiconductor in China as well as the largest provider and exporter of power Schottky chip. In June 2015, it took full control of Jinruihong Technologies Co., Ltd, the largest manufacturer of semiconductor silicon wafer in China, becoming the only domestic industrial platform that is capable of manufacturing monocrystalline silicon, grinding silicon wafer, polished silicon wafer, epitaxial silicon wafer and chip. In July 2015, Li-On Microelectronics introduced overseas high-level talents and established the only production line of 6-inch GaAs RFIC chip in China, making up for the gap of core technology in radio frequency integrated circuit industry and meeting the demands for booming industries like wireless communications.


Hi-tech Venture Capital Fund will help to improve the capacity of MOSFET, accelerate the construction of the production line of GaAs RFIC chip, effectively reduce China’s dependence on foreign products of the same kind, so that it will hopefully contribute to the further development of domestic semiconductor industry.


In December 2017, SDIC Venture Capital accomplished its strategic investment in Ningbo Jiang Chen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiang Chen) with its High-Tech Venture Capital Fund to overall support Jiang Chen becoming the leading enterprise in the field of automotive automatic assembly line equipment in China and accelerating the process of replacing foreign products with domestic ones in automotive equipment industry.


As a NEEQ-listed company, Jiang Chen mainly focuses on R&D, manufacturing, integration and integrated solution of automatic assembly lines of automotive powertrain, bearing, new energy vehicle batteries and so on. It is the commitment unit included in the National Torch Program and identified as an industrialization demonstration project. Its clients include many renowned automobile and key components manufacturers, such as Geely Auto, Wanliyang, Corun, Dongfeng Honda and NIO. Furthermore, Jiang Chen received strategic investment from Geely Auto and ASD (Zhejiang) in 2017,  and other related enterprises will continue to deepen their financial cooperation, business support and resource integration so as to accelerate development collaboratively. 


With the strategic investment from Hi-tech Venture Capital Fund, Jiang Chen, relying on its own abundant technical strength, will provide efficient, intelligent automation equipment for clients with all-around and high-level capability,  further expand its influence in the industry, reduce the dependence of automotive equipment industry on foreign manufacturers, accelerate the process of replacing foreign products with domestic ones and contribute to the realization of “advanced manufacturing”, “smart factory” and “industry 4.0”.


In October 2017, SDIC Venture Capital invested in Chipone Technology (Beijing) Co, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chipone Technology) with its National Science and Technology Fund to support Chipone Technology further consolidating and strengthening its technical leadership in the field of panel display ICs. This round of funding will be mainly used to further increase R&D investment in the next generation of panel display technology.


Chipone Technology is the commitment unit of “Domestically designed LCD, verification and industrialization of Gold Bump” project, one of National Major Scientific and Technological Special Project, and the world's leading display-control- chip overall solutions provider. It’s equipped with kernel technologies of the display panel ICs, independent intellectual property rights and the whole product line layout. Its clients cover all the major panel manufacturers in the world, including BOE, CSOT, Panda, Samsung, LG, Sharp, AUO, Innolux and so on. With years of accumulation of technology, Chipone Technology has now formed three major product lines: power management chip and driver chip for both medium and large LCDs; driver chip, touch control chip, fingerprint identification chip, power management chip and ITD chip for small LCDs; and display driving chip for large LEDs. In 2016, Chipone Technology successfully acquired IML, a world-leading company in the field of power management IC design whose main products are programmable gamma correction circuit buffer chip/common driver chip, power management chip, LED lighting chip, etc. Its P-GAMMA and VCOM products are in the leading position in the industry.


The strategic investment of National Science and Technology Fund will help Chipone Technology catch the historical opportunity of the rise of domestic panels and smart terminal industry, as well as the opportunity of industry change, further increase the R&D investment into ITD, Ultra-HD driver IC for large panels and OLED driver IC, strive to fill gaps of high-end chips in China’s panel and IC industries, and overtake the foreign competitors.


In December 2017, SDIC Ventures Capital invested in Shenyang Fortune Precision Equipment Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fortune Precision) with National Science and Technology Fund to support Fortune Precision to further expand the supply of precision components and parts of China-made integrated circuit and equipment. This investment is of great significance to make up for the weak link in the industrial chain and create a complete domestic semiconductor industrial chain.

Fortune Precision is a unit undertaking a number of major national science and technology projects such as "Ultra-Large Scale Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Technology and Whole Set of Processes" and is also a national precision parts supplier that has independent intellectual property rights and is continuously supported by the state in the field of precision components.

Fortune Precision is devoted to the integrated circuit equipment and aviation areas, from parts, providing the services of components and sub-system components machining, surface treatment, welding, etc. The company has become the leading precision parts manufacturing and system solution provider in China. In the area of ​​integrated circuits, the company, as a national IC equipment industry component manufacturing platform, has successfully provided supporting services to domestic IC equipment leaders such as Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd., Beijing North Microelectronics Co., Ltd., and VeriSilicon Holdings Co.,Ltd., providing producing and processing services to more than 150 IC companies. In the field of aviation, the company has become the civilian aircraft supplier of AVIC Shenyang Group, undertaking the precision parts manufacturing tasks for the C919 and other types of aircraft. 


In October, 2017, SDIC Venture Capital Co., Ltd. has completed the investment in Zhejiang Jinruihong Technologies Co.,ltd.(hereafter referred to as JRH) with its National Science and Technology Fund. With the fund, JRH Electronics will be able to continue its research and development on high-end semiconductor materials, improve its productivity to boost the spirit of the company, fasten the process of replacing foreign semiconductor materials with domestic ones, and provide a strong support for the implementation of the strategy for national integrated circuit development as well as the domestic transfer of the semiconductor industry.


The supply of reliable and high quality upstream materials is of great importance to the development of the semiconductor industry and even to the information industry.
Silicon wafer is the core basic material to produce integrated circuits and discrete devices. However, China's large-size silicon wafer has always been largely dependent on imports, thus the competitiveness and supply chain security of our country has been severely restricted. JRH has an outstanding capacity in the research & development and industrialization of silicon wafer technology. JRH is the only the semiconductor company in China that has the full range of capability on single crystal silicon, grinded wafer, polished wafer, epiwafer and discrete device production, and has broken the monopoly of foreign companies on semiconductor silicon wafer of 8 inches, thus contributing greatly to narrowing the development gap between China and the world. JRH could produce about 8 million silicon wafers every year, and has become the biggest manufacturing base in China. With its stable products, JRH extends its market to the world, doing business with many renowned wafer manufacturers in countries and regions such as the US, South Korea and China Taipei, and with some related domestic enterprise such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation and Shanghai Huahong (Group) Co., Ltd.


In August, 2017, the National Science and Technology Fund of SDIC Venture Capital, the National Integrated Circuit Industry Fund and the CRRC Investment&Leasing Co., Ltd have together completed the investment in Shenyang Piotech Co., Ltd., (hereafter referred to as Piotech). The investment will help Piotech become one of the leading IC equipment companies in China and increase its speed entering the international market, making it a domestic semiconductor manufacturing company with world-class products.


Piotech has undertaken significant projects on integrated circuit granted by the “National Science and Technology Project”, and has become the leading supplier in China with proprietary intellectual property to produce integrated circuit thin film equipment used in production lines. The company is focused on the research, development and production of PECVD equipment, with overseas experts and domestic talents including 3 experts selected into China’s Thousand Talents Program and operates under international industry standards. The products of Piotech have already entered industrial stage. With its market scale expanding rapidly, the company is now doing business with some high-end customers such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation(SMIC), Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd and Xiamen Lianxin Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Corporation. In December, 2017, its number of thin film equipment in SMIC’s commercial product lines has been over 1 million, and all indicators of the equipment have reached advanced international level. With the semiconductor manufacturing industry in China booming as a whole, there will be huge market demand on domestically-made integrated circuit thin film equipment with the value totaling over 30 billion RMB.